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August 20, 2018. Hiking Day 13: Blakey Ridge to Grosmont.

August 20, 2018.  Hiking Day 13: Blakey Ridge to Grosmont.

Close to 14 miles with maybe a couple hundred feet of elevation gain.

I took some more photos of Lion Inn before we headed out.  I loved the fact that we slept and ate in a building that's older than our country.

Off we went!  Mostly downhill today, across pretty easy terrain.  Next-to-last day on the trail.  :(

Not too far from Lion Inn, there's a rock thing known as "Fat Betty."  You are supposed to leave food on Fat Betty and take something that was previously left.

This is what we saw when we arrived.

Yes, we participated in this ritual...unlike NH, there are no bears here.  Sheep, yes...but I don't think they can reach the food.  Also, this isn't far from residences, and I have a feeling folks come by and check on things...anyway, in spite of our vigilant Leave No Trace ethics in the States, we went ahead and left three small unopened bags of cheese crackers.  Sage and I scored some chocolate while Alex got a granola bar.

'Bye food....

Continuing on...

We were really going to miss the endless hills and heather...

After an easy few hours of walking, we arrived in Grosmont.

Grosmont is home to a train station that includes an active steam engine line.  The Hogwarts Express was modeled after these trains.

One such steam engine was scheduled to arrive in an hour or so; we passed the time by visiting the nearby Thomas Model Railway.

We had time to check into our B&B before the steam train arrived...

After dumping our backpacks, we returned to the station and waited for the train.

There it is!

Next and final post: Grosmont to Robin Hood's Bay

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