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August 17, 2018. Hiking Day Ten. Richmond to Ingleby Arncliffe

August 17, 2018. Hiking Day Ten.  Richmond to Ingleby Arncliffe.
22.5 miles with negligible elevation gain.

Though this was a long hiking day, it didn't feel too horribly bad since it was mostly flat and along well-worn paths/roads/trails.  It was uneventful except for the mad dash you have to do across a six(!) lane highway at the very end of the day.  Yikes...someone should really put a bridge over that spot. 

The photos below show the progression out of Richmond, into the country, and to the pretty town of Ingleby Arncliffe.

We passed a quarry just outside of Bolton-on-Swale...

...and saw a beautiful church within Bolton-on-Swale.


Not far from the day's final destination, we saw this nice snack-for-sale area set up right outside someone's barn.  We bought some treats.

Loved the decorations!

We love all the bridges and stiles on this hike...

Coming up on the giant highway.

I tried to take a photo of the very busy highway; this is as close as I could get without getting into danger.  We managed to cross at a spot where there is a narrow grassy midstrip.  We dashed to that part, then waited and dashed the rest of the way.  The cars didn't slow down one bit!

Home for the night!

We stayed here, which was my favorite B&B on the C2C.  Lovely home with really kind hosts.  Super nice and super comfy.

Next post.  Hiking Day Eleven.  Ingleby Arncliffe to Clay Bank Top.

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