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August 13, 2018. Hiking Day Six: Orton to Kirkby Stephen.

August 13, 2018 -- Hiking Day Six.  Orton to Kirkby Stephen.
About 13 miles with around 1300 feet of elevation gain.

After our usual breakfast of eggs, beans, toast, sausage, juice, and coffee, Jim, our B&B host, dropped us off on a road which led to the C2C.

We said hello to these curious cows as we walked on by...

Today's walk was an easy stroll along country roads, across fields and moors and animal preserves, and along stone walls.  Routefinding was fairly easy as long as we paid careful attention to Stedman's directions.

Sunbiggin Farm had a nice shelter/store for passersby.  We didn't partake, as we were still full from breakfast.

Along we went, through bird sanctuaries, moors, and apparent archeological sites (though nothing archeological seemed to be visible)

One of the many fun things about the C2C is crossing over all the various stiles.

One of the other many fun things is going through field after field and saying hello to all the farm animals.

We entered Kirkby Stephen, a bustling town, just after lunchtime.

Our home for the evening...

We checked into our room just above the pub and went in search of the laundry facilities.  This was the only time we did actual laundry during the C2C; the rest of the time, we'd handwash absolute necessities and hang them to dry overnight.  Having quick-dry base layers is important in more ways than one!

After doing laundry and having our showers, we explored the town a bit.  There's pretty much anything anyone could really need here; if there's something that's important for resupply (gear, food, anything really), this is the place to get it.

The place also has a bit of history (though really, what place in England doesn't have a bit of history?)...

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